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We are offering qualitative range of Bipod which is highly demanded by our global clients. A bipod is a support device with two legs, supporting stability to guns in shooting. Our bipod is quick detachable and with solid and durable construction. We assure our clients that these Bipod are designed as per their requirements and both metal bipod and plastic bipod are available with different size and shape for choice.

* Made by high density polymer
* Tactical foregrip with built-in bipod
* Double release button spring eject bipod legs
* Combine vertical foregrip and bipod function
* Dual pressure pad cutouts for light/laser pressure pads
* Quick-deploying mechanism provides a very stable bipod with a wide stance
* Improve accuracy and allow firm hold on your Rifle
* Easy to install

If you need to know some more details, please do not hesitate to contact with us!

BP-79M Foldable Alum. Bipod

Model : BP-79M Stand : Rubber Net Weight : 455g Center Height(Min-Max) : 8.2'-12.80' Leg...

BP-79L Foldable Alum. Bipod

Model : BP-79L Stand : Rubber Net Weight : 489g Center Height(Min-Max) : 10.24'-13.98' Leg...

BP-79XL Foldable Alum. Bipod

Model : BP-79XL Stand : Rubber Net Weight : 566g Center Height(Min-Max) : 13.39'-22.83' Leg...

BP-R79S Foldable Alum Bipod

Stand Rubber Net weight 398g Center Height (Min-Max)...

BP-R79M Foldable Alum Bipod

Stand Rubber Net weight 462g Center Height (Min-Max)...

BP-R79L Foldable Alum Bipod

Stand Rubber Net weight 496g Center Height (Min-Max)...

BP-R79XL Folable Alum Bipod

Stand Rubber Net weight 574g Center Height (Min-Max)...

BP-39mini Barrel Clamp Bipods

Stand Rubber Net weight 261.05g Center Height...

BP-39S Barrel Clamp Bipods

Stand Rubber Net weight 283.75g Center Height (Min-Max)...

BP-39M Barrel Clampe Bipods

Model : BP-39M Stand : Rubber Net Weight : 328g Center Height(Min-Max) : 8.66'-10.43' Leg...


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