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 We are manufacture and exporter of rifle scope ,red dot, binocular, monocular, and other hunting products and accessory in china, our products is famous for its high quality, its suit for airsoft,airsoft gun,bb buns,tactical accessory,airsoft part,airsoft accessory,etc.

Our gun mount and accessories fits for different models of guns, such as AK, AR, SKS, FAL, M14, shotgun, airgun, and etc. We have quad rail, free floating mount, ring mount, side mount, steel base, steel rings and other accessories for choice.

Company advantages
1) Manufacturing products which meet customers' specifications
2) Striving to meet customers' target values
3) Monitoring customer satisfaction
4) Shipping products on the date required by customers
5) Reasonable stocks and fast and timely shipment
6) Good prices with professional services and high quality standards

SR-Q1002NH Steel Rings ( 22airgun)

Material:Steel Diameter:25.4mm Profile:High Width:15.88mm Saddle Hight:25.45mm Screws Per...

SR-Q3002NL Steel Rings ( 22airgun)

Material:Steel Diameter:30mm Profile:Low Width:15.88mm Saddle Hight:21.75mm Screws Per...

SR-Q3002NM Steel Rings ( 22airgun)

Material:Steel Diameter:30mm Profile:Medium Width:15.88mm Saddle Hight:24.75mm Screws Per...

SR-Q3002NH Steel Rings ( 22airgun)

Material:Steel Diameter:30mm Profile:High Width:15.88mm Saddle Hight:27.75mm Screws Per...

SR-Q3601WL Steel Ring (36mm Picatinny/weaver)

Material:Steel Diameter:36mm Profile:Low Width:18mm Saddle Hight:29.3mm Screws Per Ring:4...

SR-Q3601WM Steel Ring (36mm Picatinny/weaver)

Material:Steel Diameter:36mm Profile:Medium Width:18mm Saddle Hight:33.5mm Screws Per Ring:4...

SR-Q3601WH Steel Ring (36mm Picatinny/weaver)

Material:Steel Diameter:36mm Profile:High Width:18mm Saddle Hight:40.0mm Screws Per Ring:4...

AR-B3003WL Alum rings(picatinny/weaver)

Material:Aluminum Diameter:30mm Profile:Low Width:25.4mm Saddle Hight:27.7mm Screws Per...

AR-B3003WM Alum rings(picatinny/weaver)

Material:Aluminum Diameter:30mm Profile:Medium Width:25.4mm Saddle Hight:34.0mm Screws Per...

AR-B3003WH Alum rings(picatinny/weaver)

Material:Aluminum Diameter:30mm Profile:High Width:25.4mm Saddle Hight:40.4mm Screws Per...


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