Red Laser Sight
Item No:LS-0010R
laser scope
Red/Green Laser Pistol / Rifle Sight
Tube Diameter: 1 Inches(25.4mm)
Output Power: <5mW
Wavelength: 635-655nm/532nm
Range: Maximum: Red sight:547yards (500 m). Green sight:1640yards (1500m)
Adjustment Type: Allen wrench
Battery Type: CR123 Lithium

Using a with a shotgun does offer some distinct advantages, particularly if you're using your shotgun for self-defense or tactical situations. Unlike rifles that fire a single bullet to a specific point of impact, shotguns are area weapons, which means that they send multiple projectiles (shot) into a specific area; laser sights give the shooter a quick acquisition of this area.

-Advanced, accurate tactical laser designator with base x/y adjustment
-Laser has up to 50yard visibility in daylight and 2640yard visibility at night
-Quick target acquisition
-Perfect for rapid fire or moving targets
-Precision accuracy
-Low power usage
-Lightweight, Compact, Shockproof

1.Excellent quality control
2.Competitive price
3.Great power output and reduce pollution
4.Test before packing
5.With short delivery time